Description: Environmental concerns and various benefits of dispersed generation have resulted in significant penetration of dispersed generation in many distribution systems. But, this has resulted in various operational problems.
This course aims to address various challenges and opportunity with having a lot of dispersed generation in a network. It focuses on the balancing, stability and reliability problems in the network together with power quality, seen from a MV-network point of view. In addition, various aspects of islanded operation of distribution systems with dispersed generation are also discussed.
The course also covers the role of electric vehicles as a provider of ancillary services in the future electric power systems.
Following topics are covered in the course:
• The energy demand and supply of power
• Balancing and market aspects in relation to dispersed generation
• Power quality issues
• Reliability of dispersed generation systems
• Grid reconnection requirements
• Synchronization and island detection
• Control and operation of dispersed generation in islanded scenario
• Electric vehicles for power balancing purposes.
• Simulation tools for dispersed generation system, examples with Matlab
Electrical engineers and PhD students with knowledge about electrical power systems and power electronics

Organizer: Associate Professor, Birgitte Bak-Jensen, – Aalborg University

Lecturers: Associate Professor, Birgitte Bak-Jensen, Aalborg University


Time: 16 – 19 September 2014

Place: Aalborg University, Pontoppidanstræde 101

Zip code: 9220

City: Aalborg

Number of seats: 30

Deadline: 26 August, 2014