Welcome to Advanced Biofuels

Full Course Title: Advanced Biofuels – Biorefinery concepts of 2. and 3. generation conversion of lignocellulosic or algae biomass feedstock’s for advanced biofuels for aviation and heavy transportation purposes

1. Conversion theory and applied science of thermochemical and/or biochemical platforms
2. Deconstruction and pretreatment of biomass feedstock’s for production of fuels
3. Biodiesel and biooil production, state of the art and future advancements
4. Jet-A-fuels production by conversion of lignocellulosic or algae feedstock’s
5. Biorefinery production of advanced biofuels and other medium to high value refinery products
6. Fermentation industries based on cheap deconstructed sugars by advanced Yeast, E-coli or Micro algae fermentations.

Prerequisites; Basic knowledge of Biomass Feedstocks, Conversion technologies and production of Bioenregy either as Gaseous, Liquid or Solid Biofuels

Organizer: Head of Section Green Engineering: Associate Professor Jens Bo Holm-Nielsen, jhn@et.aau.dk – Aalborg University

Lecturers: Professor Lasse Aistrup Rosendahl, lar@et.aau.dk, – Aalborg University and Associate Professor Jens Bo Holm-Nielsen – Aalborg University


Time: 18 – 20 August, 2014

Place: Aalborg University, Pontoppidanstræde 101

Zip code: 9220

City: Aalborg

Number of seats: 30

Deadline: 28 July, 2014