Description: In the research design a PhD student specifies the principal methodological choices of the study: what research questions to focus on and which methods to use for what particular purpose. The participants of this course learn to identify the key variables of their research and how to operationalize them and how to formulate effective research questions.
In the applied sciences very often research methods from different disciplines are used alternately. Based on the mixed methods research design, the course will discuss attributes of quantitative and qualitative measurements, using examples from engineering education research as a cross-disciplinary field of research
The deliverable of this course is a presentation on the research design or a pilot study that can be part of the PhD student’s research project.
 The workshop focuses on the following themes:
• Research paradigm and identification of different types of research (Quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods research)
• Formulation of research objectives, research questions and hypothesis
• Identifying key variables and the relationships between them
• Matching methods and purpose of the research
John W. Creswell: Research design, SAGE, Third edition, 2009,pp. 1-79.
This book is the basic book for the course, and we would encourage you to buy it. You can also find it on google books.

Organizer: Professor dr. Erik de Graaff

Lecturers: Professor dr. Erik de Graaff and Professor dr. Anette Kolmos


Time: 2,3,9 and 10 October, 2014

Place: Aalborg University, Nybrogade 6, room Nbg6 1.133

Zip code: 9000

City: Aalborg

Number of seats: 14

Deadline: 20 September, 2014