Theories of practice has a long history within the social sciences, which include the work of prominent scholars such as Bourdieu and Giddens. However, more recent accounts of practice theory offered by Theodor Schatzki and Andreas Reckwitz has led to a renewed engagement, for example by referring to a “practice turn” within the social sciences, and by Allan Warde’s introduction to the field of sociology of consumption from 2005. The variety of these contributions also means that there is no unified account of practice theory. However, family resemblances are found in emphasizing routinized activity, shared (embodied) understanding and the role of materiality in the performance of social practices. Practice theory is quite widespread within for instance studies of consumption and innovation, whereas it in broader approaches of social sciences still appears as a fairly new but promising research agenda. For this course, we have chosen the following topics that each comprise a session, where we will both be looking back, at the roots/history/conceptualization and looking forward at the change and empirical application related to the theme. The themes, which will be covered, comprise:

 - Including conscious or ethical consumption in understandings of theories of practice (Prof. Kirsten Gram-Hanssen, Aalborg University)

 - Reproduction of practices: The role of previous experience and social relations (Senior Researcher Anders Rhiger Hansen)

- How to conceptualize materiality and the role of non-humans in the performance of practices (Prof. Kirsten Gram-Hanssen, Aalborg University)

- Researching (natural) experiments, such as music festival and covid by the use of practice theories (MSC postdoc Tullia Jack)

- Researching Interventions and changes in practices. (Associate professor Charlotte Louise Jensen)

Each of these sessions consist of a lecture, where relevant literature is presented and discussed, followed by a workshop. The course requires familiarity with the foundation of theories of practice. You need thus to have a basic understanding of theories of practice from reading authors as Allan Warde, Andreas Reckwitz, Elisabeth Shove or Theodore Schatzki


You need to have a basic understanding of theories of practice from reading authors as Allan Warde, Andreas Reckwitz, Elisabet Shove or Theodore Schatzki


Organizer: Professor Kirsten Gram-Hanssen,

Lecturers: Anders Rhiger Hansen, Tullia Jack, Charlotte Louise Jensen and Kirsten Gram-Hanssen


  21-23 March 2022 - 3 days

Place: TBA

Number of seats: 18

Deadline: February 28, 2022


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