August 23-27: Culture Psychology: Human Development in Social-Cultural Context (2021)

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Description: This Doctoral Summer School is meant to provide opportunities for Ph.D. aspirants in psychology, anthropology, sociology, history, education, and semiotics to learn the basic principles of the cultural organization of the human mind and social groups. The thematic focus of this year’s summer school will be on human development in social-cultural context.  The course aims to rethink human development within the ongoing processes of globalization, societal change and intergroup conflict. To achieve this, it explores social and psychological development through the interlocking processes of microgenesis, ontogenesis and sociogenesis, which are applied to different case studies. The unique aspect of this Summer School is concrete joint work on methodology—developing new solutions to the needs of participants to introduce concepts from cultural psychology and anthropology into their particular research projects.

Day 1
  • 10-12     Introductory lecture on the Genetic Social Psychology: A Once and Future Discipline—   Charis Psaltis
  • 12-13     Lunch
  • 13-17     Commentaries and extensions—including Jaan Valsiner, Tania Zittoun, Ignacio Bresco
  • Duveen, G. & Lloyd, B. (1990). Introduction. In G. Duveen & B. Lloyd (eds.), Social representations and the development of knowledge. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (11s)
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  • Psaltis, C. (2016). Collective memory, social representations of intercommunal relations and conflict transformation in divided Cyprus.  Peace and Conflict, 22, 19-27 (8s)
  • Psaltis, C. (forthcoming). Genetic social psychology: A Once and Future Discipline. (30s)

Day 2
  • 9-12     Lecture Transitions: Developmental concepts in practice—Tania Zittoun
  • 12-13   Lunch
  • 13-17   Practical fieldwork experience followed by discussions of student projects
  • Zittoun, T. (2006). Transitions: Development through symbolic resources. Charlotte, N.C.: Info Age.  (100)
  • Zittoun, T. (2012).  Life-course: A socio-cultural perspective. In J. Valsiner (Ed.), Oxford Handbook of Culture and Psychology. Oxford. OUP.  (25s)

Day 3
  • 9-11    Lecture Developmental Methodology—Jaan Valsiner
  • 11-12  Practical experience analyzing liminal spaces in the city—Brady Wagoner
  • 12-13  Lunch
  • 13-17  Discussion of experience followed by discussions of student projects
  • Branco, A. & Valsiner, J. (1997). Changing methodologies: A co-constructivist study of goal orientations in social interactions. Psychology and Developing Societies, 9, 1, 35-64. (20s)
  • Valsiner, J. (2007). Culture in minds and societies. New Delhi: Sage. (80)
  • Valsiner, J. (2014).  Needed for cultural psychology: Methodology in a new key. Culture & Psychology, 20, 3-30. (28s)


Day 4
  • 9-11    Lecture The Organismic and Cultural Theory of Development—Brady Wagoner
  • 11-12  Seminar on the investigation of directional nature of development and activities (based   on participants’ projects)
  • 12-13  Lunch
  • 13-16   Discussion of student projects
  • Glick, J. (2014). Recovering the Organismic: Werner and Kaplan's "Symbol Formation" 50 years later. Culture & Psychology, 19, 441-452.  (11s)
  • Wagoner, B. (2009).  The Experimental Methodology of Constructive Microgenesis.  In: J. Valsiner, P. Molenaar, N. Chaudhary, and M. Lyra (Eds.).  Handbook of Dynamic Process Methodology in the Social and Developmental Sciences (pp. 99-121).  New York: Springer. (22)
  • Wagoner, B. (forthcoming). The Organismic Theory of Development: Romantic roots of a vital concept. Theory & Psychology. (25)

Day 5
  • 9-11    Discussion of student projects
  • 11-12  Summary and discussion

Organizer: Brady Wagoner, Department of Communication and Psychology, Center for Cultural Psychology



Time: 23-27 August 2021


Zip code: 


Number of seats: 25

Deadline: 02 August 2021