Welcome to Smart Cities – Technologies and Institutions


Description: Smart cities is one of the current rallying calls with appeals to stakeholders from the information and communication technology areas as well as health, environment, traffic, waste handling, planning, etc. The present course will focus on information and communication technology infrastructures for improving quality of life, mobility, communications etc. in cities. This includes technologies relating to Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and broadband including mobile communications. The course aims at examining how such technologies can contribute to solving the abovementioned issues and at discussing the institutional structures that can facilitate these processes. 

Relevant technology developments will be taken up and the potential business set-ups for realizing smart city applications will be discussed. As there are many and diverse providers of potential technology and organizational solutions, standardization developments will be examined. Furthermore, many of the smart city applications will require extensive retrieval and use of data including personal and possibly sensitive data, questions regarding data security and protection will be addressed. Finally, there will be focus on the institutional structures comprising rules and regulations and the organizational foundation. 

The course will address the following topics:

  • Technology solutions and developments
  • Business models and business ecosystems for realizing the visions in the different application areas including modes of public private partnerships
  • Issues relating to technology standardization
  • Issues regarding security and the protection of privacy
  • Facilitating and inhibiting institutional structures


Organizer: Associate Professor Reza Tadayoni, email: reza@cmi.aau.dk, Professor Knud Erik Skouby, email: skouby@cmi.aau.dk, and Professor Anders Henten, email: henten@cmi.aau.dk

Lecturers: Associate Professor Reza Tadayoni, Professor Knud Erik Skouby, Professor Anders Henten, and Assistant Professor Per Lynggaard


Time: 15. - 17. November 2017

Place: Aalborg University Copenhagen, AC Meyers Vænge, 2450 Copenhagen SV
Room no 3.133 in Building D

Zip code: 2450

City: Copenhagen SV

Number of seats: 20

Deadline: 27. October 2017

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