Welcome to Problem-based Case Studies and Learning in Software Engineering


Problem Based Learning (PBL) provides a creative and critical basis for active learning – self-directed learning and collaborative learning. It increases motivation for analysis and provide intuitive resolution of messy real-world problems. By analyzing different case studies from the field of Software Engineering, Ph.D. students will learn about how to use the principles from PBL on their own fields in order to benefit from this in their studies.


The school will provide a theoretical as well as practical insight into the principles of PBL. The Ph.D. students’ will work with the PBL principles using their own studies as case studies from the field of software engineering. Furthermore, the school will provide insights to how supervision can be made to support the PBL principles in a best possible way.


PhDs/Staff’s will get knowledge into the principles of PBL and how these can be applied within the Software Engineering field

PhDs/Staff’s will obtain practical skills in how to creatively and critically analyzing messy real-world problems in software engineering

Supervisors will obtain practical skills in how to supervise and follow the PBL approach as a facilitator

Before the school starts, there will be sent a link to course literature. There will be some literature for the students to read and use during the classes.

Organizer: Associate Professor Lene Tolstrup Sørensen, e-mail: ls@cmi.aau.dk

Lecturers: Lene Tolstrup Sørensen, Morten Falch, Jannick Kirk Sørensen


Time: 15 - 24 August 2016

Place: AAU Copenhagen

Zip code: 


Number of seats: 30

Deadline: 15 August 2016