Welcome to Recent Progress in sensorless Control of AC Motor Drives


Ac motors for variable speed drives: their models and characteristics

2.Ac motor drives control strategies classifications  and attributes:

* scalar control(SC)* field oriented control(FOC)* direct torque and flux control(DTFC); feedback linearization control(FLC)

3.Motion sensorless control strategies of ac motor drives classifications: fundamental(emf) model based and signal injection(processing) based

4.  V/f and I-f scalar control with stabilizing loops for IMs and PMSMs

5. State observers for  advanced motion sensorless control of ac motor drives: with case studies.

5.Recent progress in fundamental model based sensorless FOC of IMs and PMSM:includes "active flux"-equivalent (extended)emf based control; SM and versus Kalman filter observers etc: with case studies

5. Recent progress in Signal injection based motion sensorless control of IMs and PMSMs:with case studies

6. Advanced DTFC in motion- sensorless DTFC of IMs and PMSMs::with case studies

7.FOC and DTFC of dc excited Synchronous Motor Drives :with case studies

8.Motion sensorless  control of  trapezoidal current (BLDC) PM motors: review with case study.

9 Feedback linearized control of IM and PMSM: with case studies

10. Introduction to sensorless control of Multiphase ac machines:via a case study


Motivation and Scope:

to instruct, motivate,and inspire Ph. students and R&D industrial engineers in electrical power

conversion, power electronics, control and mechatronics  with reference to the fundamentals and  essential specifics of high performance ac motor drives recent progress in its rather vast offers and complexity with case studies, to get a feeling of magnitudes and of implementation hardships and rewards for specific industrial applications.



Professor Frede Blaabjerg, IEEE Fellow, DL, fbl@et.aau.dk


Professor Ion Boldea, IEEE Fellow, DL




10 - 11 November 2016 (ends at 12:00 the 11 November)


Aalborg University, Pontoppidanstræde, 9220 Aalborg East


20 October 2016

Max. no. of participants:


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