Welcome to Wind Power Generators – their design and control


The course includes:

  • a thorough analysis of main commercial wind-generator systems in their topologies for high ratio gear, one stage gear and gearless, performance, merits and demerits
  • introduces a fairly general (but practical) model and  electromagnetic design methodology for variable speed wind-generators  with application to case studies for :
  • cage- rotor induction generator systems, wound-rotor induction generators, PM synchronous generators, DC-excited synchronous generators
  • shows key FEM results for design validation
  • discusses an optimal design methodology with case study results
  • shows performance, size and cost comparisons between various solutions
  • introduces the main power electronics control systems-with dual PWM converters with their vector and direct power control strategies, with results on case studies with non-faulty and asymmetric  voltage sags
  • presents new (one with PMs and one PM-less) potential, lower weight & higher performance large power wind-generator solutions for high ratio gear, single stage gear and gearless topologies with:
  • principle, merits and demerits, preliminary sizing, FEM key results to illustrate their capabilities
  • presents new power electronics converters (matrix, selfboosting etc) amenable to wind generators of the future ,with preliminary results on their performance
  • presents different control methods during normal operation and ride-through operation
  • summarizes main existing and possible future trends in wind-generators systems related to their design and control and identifies new subjects for future research in the field



-engineering mathematics, electromagnetic fields and circuits, electric machines basics, power electronics basics, applied control basics.

Organizer: Prof. Frede Blaabjerg Aalborg University, fbl@et.aau.dk 

Lecturers: Prof. Ion Boldea, University Politehnica Timisoara, Romania


Time: 7-9 November 2016 (ends at 12:00 the 9 November 2016)

Place: Aalborg University, Department of Energy Technology, Pontoppidanstræde, Aalborg East

Zip code: 9220

City: Aalborg

Number of seats: 30

Deadline: 17 October 2016

Important information concerning PhD courses 
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