• Description: This course is intended to provide the participants with an understanding of basic principles regarding a number of electrical stimulation therapies and methods. During the last decades, several neuromodulation therapies were transferred from research labs into clinics as primarily alternative therapies in the case of otherwise intractable diseases. In some other cases, neuromodulation methods are approved as investigational therapies and accumulation of new data is expected to provide knowledge to validate and optimize the therapeutic approaches. In this respect, the course will address relevant issues related to the rationale, physiological support and mechanisms activated by electrical stimulation, followed by a description of the currently used devices and implant procedures. Current stimulation paradigms and the elicited therapeutic effects will then be presented. In addition, issues related to “what the future may hold” (i.e. current research and possible future developments) will be discussed, too.


    1. Deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy 
    2. Spinal cord stimulation for pain and other dysfunctions 
    3. Vagus nerve stimulation for epilepsy, depression and cardiovascular diseases
    4. Cardiac pacemakers and defibrillation therapies
    5. Cochlear stimulation
    6. Retinal stimulation
    7. Gastro-intestinal stimulation for obesity and motility dysfunctions
    8. Neural prostheses for upper and lower extremities


    Literature: “Neuromodulation” (red. Elliot S. Krames; P. Hunter Peckham; Ali R. Rezai, Academic Press, 2009). Selected papers and book chapters may also be indicated shortly before the course.


    Prerequisites: Basic knowledge in anatomy, physiology and electrical stimulation devices and principles.


    Evaluation: Written assignment.

  • Organizer: Associate Professor Cristian Sevcencu, e-mail: sevcr@hst.aau.dk

  • Lecturers: Cristian Sevcencu and invited lecturers

  • ECTS: 1.5

  • Time: November 21 and 29, and December 2, 2016 (08.15-12.00)

  • Place:
    November 21 and 29 Fredrik Bajers Vej 7E, E3-209

    December 2, Fredrik Bajers Vej 7C, C3-204

  • Zip code: 9220

  • City: Aalborg

  • Number of seats: 30

  • Deadline: 31 October, 2016

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