Welcome to Governance and Economics of Internet


The topic of the course is governance and economics of Internet. In the Internet context, governance means the specific Internet institutions and organizations such as Internet Society, Internet Engineering Task Force, and Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers and the broader national and international policies and regulations affecting Internet developments. Regarding economics, the course will concentrate on the economics of Internet infrastructures but will also be concerned with economic relationships between the infrastructural and the application layers of the Internet. It will, furthermore, address competition issues related the dominance of major actors such as Google which are active in both service and infrastructure layers.

Internet has a history of more than 40 years and has witnessed a long range of incremental and radical innovations. In the introductory part of the course, a historical perspective will be provided in order to understand the different phases of the developments of Internet and path dependent structures affecting Internet developments. Also, the course will provide an insight into Internet developments on an international scale comprising not only the economically richer as well as poorer countries. Moreover, the course will examine the latest and prospective developments of Internet including technology and market aspects such as the conversion to IPv6, Information Centric Networking, Content Distribution Networks, and the relationships between telecommunication infrastructures and Internet overlays.

The course is addressed to PhD students from social as well as technical sciences. It is an inter-disciplinary course examining techno-political as well as techno-economic elements of Internet developments. The course is addressed to PhD students studying Internet developments as well as students in other fields of study where Internet plays an infrastructural role seeking an insight into the structural working mechanisms of Internet.

Organizer: Professor Anders Henten, e-mail: henten@cmi.aau.dk, Associate Professor Morten Falch, e-mail: falch@cmi.aau.dk
Lecturers: Professor Anders Henten, Associate Professor Morten Falch, Associate Professor Reza Tadayoni

ECTS: 3.0

Time: November 16-18, 2016

Place: AAU Copenhagen, Frederikskaj 10, room FKJ10B/0.24

Zip code: 2450

City: Copenhagen SV

Number of seats: 20

Deadline: October 26, 2016

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