• Description:

    Aalborg University is fundamentally about applying research in service for the society. Quoting the AAU research strategy:

    The Aalborg University research strategy can be expressed in four words: "From research to change".

    This course is devoted to PhD researchers having a cross-disciplinary or natural-technical basis, and we want to create a room for reflection of own practice.

    Being applied have implications for the need for interaction, and the aim of the course is to set focus on the importance of the researcher and of the theory use for the research. Therefore the participants will be asked to bring own their research to foster reflections that can feed into research practise.

    The course is a combination of workshop sessions divided by inspirational presentations from researchers giving perspectives nurturing the reflections.

    In the course we will focus at how the research approach influences the change-implications of the research, elucidate possibilities for change agency and critically reflect upon how different research approaches can be utilised to examine the research topic.

  • Organizer: Søren Løkke (Dept for Planning & Development)

    Lecturers: Søren Løkke, Lone Kørnøv, Finn Arler, Lars Bo Henriksen (tbc).

    ECTS: 3
    Time: December 14-16, 2015; 9-16
    Place: Skibbrogade 5, C2/12, Aalborg 9000
    Number of seats: 12
    Deadline: December 10th 2015; send email: loekke@plan.aau.dk

    Prerequisites: None

    Learning objectives: To gain a thorough understanding of the implications of approach and method for the change agency potentials of research.

    Teaching methods: The course uses a combination of independent study of the provided reading material before coming to the course, lectures and open discussion and group work. The course will feed in to the participant’s paper writing.

    Criteria for assessment: Participation in the course