Description: This PhD course will focus on the classic research strategies to obtain diagnostic as well as therapeutic improvements as the background for a paradigm shift from "one fits all" to individualized strategies in clinical practice.

The complex cancer biology model for oncogenesis will be presented documenting the importance of the translational approach for the future - requiring new multidisciplinary engagements.  Based on highly selected lectures and papers, we will discuss novel, cutting edge technologies (Multiparametric Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting, Microarray Technologies, Gene Sequencing, Biobanking), Cancer models (Cancer Cell Lines and Mice Models) and the future design of trials (treatment, diagnostics) and endpoints while adhering to scientific rigor when interpreting results and decisions.

The course will include lectures, workshops and journal clubs. The outcome for participants will be insight into new technologies and approaches allowing the future researchers to participate in the translation of scientific discoveries into cost-effective and meaningful clinical improvements in patient care.

Organizer: Professor Hans E Johnsen ( ) Aalborg University Hospital, and The Clinical Cancer Research Center, Aalborg University Hospital (CCRC-Aalborg UH)

Lecturers: Post doc Julie Støve Bødker, PhD student Anders Bilgrau, PhD student Sara Marques.

ECTS:  3

Time: 10-12 November 2015

Place:  Klitgården Refugium, Damstedvej 39, DK-9990 Skagen

Zip code:


Number of seats: 15

Deadline: 15 September 2015