Welcome to the course Scientific Misconduct

A course concerning scientific misconduct, and conduct, has developed into a necessity.

Papers are being published like never before, and in relation to this, there are several grey-areas and pitfalls that one must be aware off.

We have allied ourselves with Professor Uffe Juul Jensen from Aarhus University who has a lifetime of experience with theories of science and ethics of science.


1) Introduction to PhD:  2 hours (Ole K. Andersen)

* Formalities concerning PhD Plans etc.

* The role of the supervisor

* Agreement concerning research co-operation etc.

2) Good Scientific Conduct: 1 hour (Ulrik Baandrup)

* Values, Acts and ethics

* Grey areas

* The Singapore Declaration

3) Lunch break

4) Scientific Misconduct: 1½ hour (Uffe Juul Jensen)

* Especially grey areas

5) Publishing: 1½ hour (Trine Fink)

* Vancouver

* Data storage etc.

Organizer: Professor Ole K. Andersen, Aalborg University, e-mail: ok@hst.aau.dk

Lecturers: Professor Ole K. Andersen, Aalborg University, Professor Ulrik T. Baandrup, Aalborg University, Associate Professor Trine Fink and Professor Uffe Juul Jensen, Aarhus University
ECTS: 1.0
Time: January 19, 2015, commencing at 09:00 hrs.
Place: Fredrik Bajers Vej 7B/3-104  Zip code: 9220
Aalborg East Number of seats: 200
Deadline: January 16, 2015