Description: In the recent changes in the educational system in the Nordic countries, technology, science and mathematics education have been highlighted as means of strengthening societies and their economies. Research on these areas of the educational system becomes an important source of understanding the challenges to the Nordic traditions of education. This course brings together a Nordic perspective into the research in these areas and addresses how they connect with broader social, political, historical and economic conditions. This course intends to engage participants across a variety of projects dealing with educational aspects in technology, science and mathematics, into the newer theoretical and methodological perspectives for researching these fields in the Nordic countries. In particular, the issue of how these fields are a pillar for the Nordic model of education will be discussed.

The course will bring a series of participants from different institutions to present their forefront research and, by so doing, to open a space for doctoral students to learn about these trends. Participants will interact with prominent researchers in these areas and will place their research within existing Nordic traditions, as well as in a larger international landscape.

Organizer: Professor Paola Valero, AAU; Professor Malin Ideland, Malmö University; in collaboration with the NordForsk Center of Excellence “Justice through Education”.

Professor Daniel Tröhler, University of Luxembourg; Professor Malin Ideland, Malmö University- Sweden; Professor Paola Valero, AAU, Denmark.


November 30 and December 1 and 2, 2015

Aalborg University, Nybrogsgade 6, 1.102

Zip code: 


Number of seats: 30

Deadline: November 13, 2015