Description: The course will focus on novel imaging methods for the diagnosis, staging and response measurement in cancer. The course will cover nuclear medicine methods and functional radiology investigations. Particular focus will be on hybrid imaging, the combination of functional and anatomical imaging. The course will include an introduction to the principle of the methods, acquisitions, and interpretations. Existing (FDG) as well as emerging positron emission tomography (PET) ligands will be reviewed, e.g. general cancer imaging ligands like 18F-sodium fluoride, 18F/11C-choline, and 18F-FET, and cancer specific tracers like Ga-68 PSMA for prostate cancer. The use of dynamic MRI for cancer imaging is covered as well, including the use of diffusion-weighted and contrast-enhanced MRI.

The course will review the use of imaging in diagnosis, staging as well as response assessment. The curse will provide introduction to staging criteria and provide basic knowledge on general response criteria (e.g. WHO, RECIST, and PERCIST) and selected disease-specific response criteria (e.g. in lymphoma and bone).

Organiser: Professor Lars J. Petersen, e-mail:

Lecturers: Professor Lars J. Petersen, Chief physician Helle D. Zacho and other academics at the Department of Nuclear Medicine, Aalborg University Hospital.

ECTS: 0.8 ECTS (subject to changes)


Place: Aalborg University Hospital

Deadline: 25 September, 2015

To be decided.

Clinical training and/or search interest in cancer imaging

Short project/assignment