Description: This is the first annual international Ph.D. course on physical activity and human performance. The level of performance in relation to physical activity is primordial. As such, the assessment and extraction of pertinent parameters are pre-requisites for the optimization of performance and the prevention of musculoskeletal injuries.

The course will include a series of lectures from internationally recognized researchers and a series of experts from Aalborg University and Aalborg University Hospital. The participants will gain knowledge in new methods used to assess human performance in laboratory and field environments. A strong emphasis will be given on the speakers-student interaction by organizing group work. The detailed agenda of the course will be provided on the course web site.
The main topics will include: neuromuscular, physiological and biomechanical adaptations to physical activity in sports and at work.
Relevant papers and book chapters will be announced shortly before the course.
The students participating to this course should have basic knowledge on anatomy, physiology and methods to assess human performance.
Will be announced at the course.

Organizer: Professor Pascal Madeleine, e-mail:, Co. Organizers: Professor Michael Voigt and Professor Uwe Kersting, Aalborg University

Lecturers: The organizers, invited national and international speakers and speakers from the Dept. of Health Science and Technology and Aalborg University Hospital

ECTS: 1.0 (subject to changes)

Time: 23-24 April 2015

Place: Aalborg University, Fredrik Bajers Vej 7C, room C3-204

Zip code: 9220

City: Aalborg

Number of seats:

Deadline: 14 April, 2015