Bioethics is a relatively new field emerging from developments within medicine, biology, and biotechnology. Almost daily, media attention is focused on some particular problem, application or breakthrough science that inevitably raises as many problems as it solves.
The objective of the course is to give the PhD students a broader base to discuss and analyse ethical problems they meet through their scientific work. The focus of the course will be on ethics that is relevant for people conducting experiments with human subjects or animals.
The course will consist of a series of invited lectures from experts in the field and discussions on essays or case stories outlining ethical issues, or issues related to the PhD student’s own research. The topics covered will include; 1) introduction to ethical theories and principles from a philosophical viewpoint, 2) the ethics of animal experimentation from a philosophical and a practical viewpoint, 3) the ethics of conducting experiments with human from a philosophical and a practical viewpoint.

Beginning bioethics by Aron Ridley, St. Martin's press Inc. 1998
The animal ethics reader, edited by Susan J Armstrong and Richard G Botzler, Routledge 2003

During the course we will specifically work towards increasing the PhD student’s ability to identify, reflect on and analyse ethical problems and issues in writing ethical applications for conducting animal or human experiments. It is therefore important that PhD students have some experience, and they should have been enrolled at least one year in the doctoral school before participating in the course.

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Associate Professor Winnie Jensen, email:

Associate Professor Winnie Jensen, Aalborg University, and invited speakers

1.5 ECTS

November 28 and 29, 2013 (8.15-16.00)

Niels Jernes Vej 14, room 4-107
DK-9220 Aalborg East
Aalborg University

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October 31, 2013