Prerequisites; Basic knowledge of resource studies and mapping of resources, Basic LCA and Socio-Economic studies, and Biomass conversion technology for energy.

Full Course Title: Biomass Resource Studies & Mapping – Conversion Technologies for
Bioenergy – Thermochemical and/or Biochemical Platforms!

1. Biomass resource studies and availability in the medium to long term – worldwide! – Implementing sustainability criteria’s for Biomass for food – feed – fuels.
2. Case studies of Anaerobic Digestion processes and other fermentation processes. Implementation of 2. and 3. generation Biofuels systems
3. Lignocellulose materials for biofuels, front edge R&D and future considerations for 2. & 3. G biofuel production systems.
4. Biorefineries in comparison to crude oil refineries; Thermochemical and/or Biochemical platforms. Economy of Scale versus Economy of Numbers in the Bioenergy Sectors!

Organizer: Associate Professor Jens Bo Holm-Nielsen,, Aalborg University

Lecturers: Professor Jens Born; FachHochschule-Flensburg and Associate Professor Jens Bo Holm-Nielsen,, Aalborg University


Time: 8 - 10 April 2015

Place: Aalborg University, Esbjerg Campus, Niels Bohrsvej 8

Zip code: 6700

City: Esbjerg

Number of seats: 30

Deadline: 18 March, 2015