The course will be constructed as a combination of a field study, a theoretical course and a conference round table, the base will be the surroundings of Pittsburgh, PA. Field studies will be arranged to unfold the Foodscapes in different settings (Eden Hall food systems, CSA, Food Coop, etc.) The Foodscapes approach is discussed and elaborated with the interdisciplinary focus on combining three research traditions to one new approach towards food related research issues and this understanding is extended to the institutional dynamic approach from Dolphijn (2005). The third element will include preparation and execution of a young scientists round table at the AFHVS conference. The course is a combination of lectures and group development work in order to develop the Foodscape understanding and relate it to the attending Ph.d. fellow’s projects.

Each participant is expected to submit an essay (min. 2000 and max 4000 words) briefly outlining their field of study and thematic interests and how they intend to use this course in their studies. After the course, the student will hand in an elaborated essay in the format of an (draft) article.

Organizers: Prof. Niels Heine Kristensen and Ass Prof Mette W Hansen

Lecturers: Docent Håkan Jönsson, Lund University


Time: 21-23 October, 2015

Place: AAU Copenhagen and Copenhagen Region

Number of seats: 7

Deadline: 15 September 2015