Description: Ethics in Planning - with a particular focus on sustainability Ethical questions are basic ingredients in planning: What are the ultimate goals of the planning process? Which short-term and long-term considerations ought to be included? How should alternative goods and consequences be weighted against each other? Should individuals' needs and aspirations be treated equally in spite of differences in culture or in their position in time and place? By whom and how should weightings be made? Who should be involved in the decision making process? Etc.

This course intents 1) to make the participants aware of the large number of ethical issues that are involved in planning processes, 2) to give the participants instruments to deal with ethical problems and consideration, 3) to highlight and discuss some of controversial ethical issues that occur in the transition to a more sustainable society

Course shared with Samf + Center for Ethics in Practice
Organizer: Finn Arler

Lecturers: Konrad Ott (Kiel University), Robin Attfield (Cardiff University), John Broome (Oxford University), Mogens Rüdiger (AAU), Kristian Høyer Toft (AAU), Bo Poulsen (AAU) and Finn Arler (AAU)

ECTS: 3-5


Place: Aalborg University

Zip code: 9220

City: Aalborg

Number of seats: 25