PBL (problem based and project based learning) has become a widespread educational method within engineering, science and health. PBL skills are important for innovation as innovation no longer is based on individual knowledge, but on collaborative knowledge. Research show that PBL students do achieve process skills such collaboration, project management, communication, etc. As a PhD student enrolled in a PBL university, it raises many questions concerning the institutional PBL culture in the research work as well in education. Especially for PhD students that are newcomers to the Aalborg model, there is a need for gaining a better understanding of the learning principles behind the model, the collaborative culture, the PBL students’ learning process and how to handle the supervision of project groups.

The learning outcomes for this PhD course are:
* to gain understanding of the learning principles of PBL * to gain understanding of students’ learning process, e.g. collaboration, project management, roles and functions in the group * to gain understanding of the supervisors’ role * to improve supervision practice During the course the participants will work with cases that illustrate different aspects of the PBL learning processes. The cases will be related to the theoretical learning principles and improvement of practice. There will be role plays and reflection reports on development of practice. The participants will have the chance to work with own teaching practice. A relevant collection of papers will be send to the participants before the course. As a continuation in 2014, there will be a proposal on PBL, innovation, organisational and work based learning. The objective for this course will be to look at PBL from an industry and work place point of view.

Organizer: Lars Peter Jensen, Associate Professor, email:

Lecturers: Lars Peter Jensen, Associate Professor and Mona Dahms, Associate Professor, Aalborg University


Time: 21-22 October and 8 December, 2015 9:00-16:00

Place: Aalborg University

21 October AUB, Langagervej 2 - room Mozart

22 October AUB, Langagervej 2 - room Darwin

8 December AUB, Langagervej 2 - room Einstein

Zip code: 9220

City: Aalborg

Number of seats: 28

Deadline: 30 September, 2015