The purpose of this course is to give you skills to search, evaluate and organize the information you need as a researcher. The course will also focus on the important aspects when publishing your research results and having a publication strategy. In connection with the course you are going to work with your own PhD-research project, e.g. creating systematic searches and working with a publication strategy. It can be recommended to students starting their PhDs.
The course does not focus on methods for medical information searching and publishing. See the course Health Scientific Searching and Publishing on Moodle if you want to focus on medical information searching and publishing.

Search strategies
Methods to search information following structured search strategies will be introduced - needed e.g. when doing a literature review. You learn to limit, evaluate and process your search results. The course is a “toolbox for research” course and you are going to work hands-on with search strategies for your own PhD-project in a workshop form.

Publication strategy
Impact, citations, and visibility in the scientific community are factors crucial for researchers to be aware of and be able to evaluate according to your own publication strategy. Different evaluation metrics such as journal impact and h-index will also be introduced as well as the databases where you find these metrics. The implications of the Danish Bibliometric Research Indicator will be presented and how it will affect you as a researcher at Aalborg University.
Preparation before the course
There is a reading list that you will find as a file attached to the Moodle description. Please read the articles.
As preparation for the class exercises you are asked to skim an article that it also attatched to Moodle.

There will be both class exercises and home exercises. The home exercises are introduced during the course. You are required to finish them at home and return them by a specific date. You will get feedback on the exercises.

There will be coffee, tea and a breakfast roll in the morning. Lunch you have to bring yourself or go to the canteen at Fibigerstræde 15 to buy. There is approximately a 10 minutes’ walk to the canteen.

Organizer: Bente Lope, librarian, M.L.I.Sc., email:

Lecturers: Helle Brink and Christopher Aaby Sørensen


Time: 18 March. 2015

Place: Aalborg University Library, Langagervej 2, room Finsen

Zip code: 9220

City: Aalborg

Number of seats: 20
The course is now fully booked, please enroll to the duplicate course on March the 24th with the title: Academic Information Management Spring 2

Deadline: 25 February, 2015