Welcome to Quantum Information Processing


This course introduces applications of the quantum mechanics to communication and computation. The topics include quantum teleportation, quantum super dense coding, quantum cryptography, and quantum algorithms. The last topic focuses on Shor’s factorization algorithm which can break the RSA public key cryptosystem used in the Internet. The course will not cover the experimental aspects of quantum information processing. The contents of the course will become a “must know” for all researchers within many disciplines once large-scale quantum computers are built.

Prerequisites: Knowledge about linear algebra, complex numbers and probability.

Literature: "Quantum Information and Quantum Computation", by Nielsen and Chuang, available online through the AAU library.

Evaluation: To pass this course the student must participate in the lectures and the subsequent exercise sessions. In addition there will be a number of written assignments during the course.


Professor MSO Olav Geil, email olav@math.aau.dk and Professor Jesper Moeller, e-mail: jm@math.aau.dk

Lecturer: Velux Visiting Professor Ryutaroh Matsumoto (Aalborg University and Tokyo Institute of Technology)



21 November:  8:15-16:15

24 November:  8:15-12:00

25 November:  8:15-12:00

26 November:  8:15-16:15

27 November:  8:15-12:00

28 November:  8:15-16:15

1 December:    8:15-12:00

Place:  Aalborg University, Fredrik Bajers Vej 7G in the following rooms:

21 November:  Room 5-109

24 November:  Room 5-112

25 November:  Room 5-112

26 November:  Room 5-109

27 November:  Room 5-109

28 November:  Room 5-109

1 December:    Room 5-109

Number of seats:  40

Deadline: 20 November.