Welcome to Algorithmic Design of Nonlinear Control

Description: This course will challenge your believe that only linear control systems can be algorithmically designed. We will show that nonlinear systems can be treated with modern software tools for nonlinear control.

Linear matrix inequalities are used as a standard tool for linear system design. For many years, nonlinear systems did not have any counterpart. However, recently the control society identified sums of squares as a good tool for the analysis and synthesis of nonlinear control systems. The majority of questions in control reduce to checking the positivity of a function. In this course we will address polynomial functions, and present algorithms for computing nonlinear controls via certificates of positivity. The course will bring you on a journey from Hilbert's 17th problem over Positivestellensatz to Schmüdgen's Positivstellensatz and its simplifications implemented in e.g. SOSTOOLS.

During exercise sessions the students will be introduced to toolboxes in MATLAB e.g. SOSTOOLS for solving various nonlinear control problems.

Organizer: Professor Rafael Wisniewski, Automation & Control AAU

Lecturers: Assistant Professor Christoffer Sloth, Automation & Control AAU
and Professor Rafael Wisniewski, Automation & Control, AAU



20-21 November, 2014 and

26-28 November, 2014

Place: Aalborg University

Zip code: 9220

City: Aalborg

Number of seats: 50

Deadline: 1 November, 2014