Description: Industrial automation and control is posing challenges related to implementation of different control algorithms on real time target hardware. Typically, in the preliminary design process researchers and engineers are using continuous time models and tools from dedicated software platforms such as Matlab/Simulink. Issues related to discretization and implementation of these algorithms on target hardware arises when design is ready. This course aims to provide a walk-through the entire model based design process for typical industrial systems. The course is covering all main stages of the model based design starting from continuous time domain representation and preliminary design of the systems till practical implementation and coding on different real-time target hardware. The course is supported with a large number of theoretical and practical day-to-day implementation exercises. The following topics are covered during the course:
o Typical control structures for industrial systems
o FIR and IIR (LPF, Resonant (BPF, BSF), zero phase shifting) filter design,
o PID and resonant controller design, Auto-tuned Controller design,
o Slope and Phase angle tracking & estimation,
o ADC antialiasing, over-, down-sampling, noise reduction techniques,
o Harmonic cancellation using FFT, harmonic current/voltage reduction/cancellation,
o Fixed & Floating point implementation,
o Motor Control and Grid-connected converter control
The course is addressed to researchers, PhD students and industry professionals from different areas i.e. renewable energy systems, electrical drives and systems, plant control, etc.
Electrical engineers and PhD students with basic knowledge about control systems, digital signal processing, modeling of dynamic systems, microcontrollers. Basic knowledge on Matlab/Simulink and C/C++ are also required.

Organizer: Associate Professor Florin Iov, – Aalborg University

Lecturers: Associate Professor Florin Iov, – Aalborg University and Postdoc Laszlo Mathe, – Aalborg University


Time: 24-28 March, 2014

Place: Aalborg University, Pontoppidanstræde 101

Zip code: 9220

City: Aalborg

Number of seats: 20

Deadline: 1 March, 2014