Welcome to the PhD course on Fracture Mechanics for Laminated Composite Structures

Description: This PhD course will concentrate on theory and practice related to fracture mechanical problems for laminated composite structures, such as wind turbine blades. The classical approach to fracture mechanics will be presented and extended to anisotropic and bi-material problems via analytical and numerical methods. Furthermore, practical aspects of laboratory testing in relation to determination of fracture mechanical properties will be covered and included in the exercises for the course as experiments. The course consists of four parts; lectures, exercises, laboratory testing, and an informal poster session. Each with a workload of approximately of 1 ECTS. The exercises will consist of analytical problems solved using math programs such as Maple, numerical problems solved using the Finite Element Program ANSYS, and laboratory exercises conducted in the Lab of AAU. For the poster session all participants are expected to upload a poster of their own work, project or similar, which include discussion of how fracture mechanics apply. This poster should be uploaded to the organizers a week before the start of the course.

Topics include:
• Classical fracture mechanics
• Bi-material fracture mechanics
• Anisotropic materials
• Numerical estimation of fracture mechanical parameters with the finite element method (FEM)
• R-curve effects
• Crack bridging
• Cohesive zone modeling
• Numerical implementation of cohesive zone models in FEM
• Experimental estimation of fracture mechanical properties
• Fatigue properties of laminated composites

Course Language
The course will be given in English.

Teaching Material
Extensive course notes will be handed out to the participants. 

Course Format and Work Load
The course will consist of a condensed session comprised of 4 full days of lectures, work on assignments, laboratory exercises, and discussions at AAU. After the course session the course participants (PhD students) are expected to solve and submit homework assignments. Diplomas will be issued on the basis of course participation and evaluation of homework assignments, and entitle PhD students to 4 ECTS, corresponding to 100-120 hours of work load.

The participants are expected to have a basic knowledge in mechanics. The course is aimed specifically at PhD students, but the course is also recommended for industrial engineers and engineering scientists. University staff and final year M.Sc. students are welcome as well. University staff, M.Sc. students and participants from industry may be exempted from the homework assignments and the course evaluation/examination.

Course participation is free for national PhD students and university staff. Participants from industry will be charged DKK 10,000 (DKK 2,500 pr. ECTS). International PhD students and university staff get a discount of 50% and will be charged DKK 5,000.

For further information contact Associate Professor Esben Lindgaard, Phone (+45) 9940 7329, E-mail: elo@m-tech.aau.dk OR Associate Professor Jens Henrik Andreasen, Phone (+45) 9940 9316, E-mail: jha@m-tech.aau.dk.

Organizer: Associate Professor Esben Lindgaard (elo@m-tech.aau.dk) and Associate Professor Jens Henrik Andreasen (jha@m-tech.aau.dk)

Lecturers: Associate Professor Esben Lindgaard (elo@m-tech.aau.dk), Associate Professor Jens Henrik Andreasen (jha@m-tech.aau.dk), invited lecturers from national and international research institutions and invited lecturers from wind turbine industry 


Time: (4 days) November 2014 

Place: Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Aalborg University
Fibigerstræde 16

Zip code: 9220

City: Aalborg

Number of seats:

Deadline: 1 October, 2014