Description: This Ph.D. course introduces techniques for modeling of musculoskeletal systems based on multibody dynamics. Unlike most courses in the field, this one takes a bottom-up approach beginning with kinematics of open and closed chains and ending with analysis of complex and anatomically realistic models.  The course uses the AnyBody Modeling System throughout and also contains an introduction to this system.

The course contents are the following:
1. Kinematics
  a. Degrees of freedom and constraints
  b. Orientations in 3D
  c. Open and closed chains
  d. Forward and inverse kinematics
  e. The Cartesian formulation
  f. Defining and analyzing simple kinematic models in AnyBody
2. Kinetics
  a. Dynamic equilibrium equations
  b. Forward and inverse dynamics
  c. Statically determinate and indeterminate systems
  d. Simple kinetic analysis in AnyBody
3. Muscle systems
  a. Physiological properties, redundancy, muscle cooperation 
      and antagonism
  b. Muscle models
  c. Optimality principles and physiology
  d. Definition and analysis of simple muscle systems in AnyBody
4. Advanced kinematics
  a. The concept of kinematic measures
  b. Advanced joints and interesting combinations of constraints
  c. Kinematic redundancy
  d. Motion capture
  e. Driving AnyBody models with mocap data
5. Development of real models
  a. Anatomical data acquisition methods
  b. Scaling and individualization
  c. Parameter estimation from kinematics
  d. Validation
  e. Real model development cases in AnyBody

Price DKK 500 for non-AAU participants to cover coffee and refreshments. DKK 4000 for industrial and non-university participants.
Each participant must bring a reasonably modern laptop on which software can be installed.

Organizer: Professor John Rasmussen, e-mail:

Lecturers: John Rasmussen, Mark de Zee and Michael Skipper Andersen


Time: 5-9 May, 2014

Place: Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Zip code: 9220

City: Aalborg

Number of seats: 30

Deadline: 14 April, 2014