This course is a general course aimed at introducing the major techniques in Materials Science and Engineering for researchers from various disciplines working with materials or substances in solid or liquid state. A theoretical background together with a practical approach on several experimental techniques used for characterizing substances is given. There will be hands on sessions where it might be possible to bring your own sample. It would also be possible to give a short presentation of your own work to gain feedback throughout the course. 
1. Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA),
2. Thermomechaincal analysis (DTA),
3. Capillary rheometry, extensional rheometry, die swell, melt spinning, PVT and thermal conduction as function of temperature and pressure
4. Oscillatory rheometry, (small angle light scattering, surface rheometry and dielectric spectroscopy possible but not included as part of the main course)
There will be hands-on exercises with samples from the students and/or hand out specimens and the students will prepare reports based on their results. Selected reading topics will be made available before the course and for interested students a stay after the course to conduct experiments in collaboration with the staff in the department can be organized for shorter or longer duration.

Organizer: Professor Jesper deClaville Christiansen, Associate Professor Erik Appel Jensen, Assistant Professor Johnny Jacobsen.

Lecturers: Jesper deClaville Christiansen, Erik Appel Jensen, Raino Mikael Larsen, Johnny Jakobsen, Peter Hodder (TA Instruments)


Time: 9-11 September, 2014

Place: Fibigerstræde 16 and 14, Aalborg University

Zip code:

City: Aalborg

Number of seats: 30

Deadline: 19 August, 2014