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    The course is for PhD students in the first half of their PhD programme. AAU wants to increase the awareness on good data handling practises and compliance with laws and regulations. The course objective is thus to promote good research practises by helping the participant make informed choices in relation to planning and executing research processes such as data collecting, data analysis, data storing and sharing. 

    The course will take a closer look at what constitutes research data and introduces data handling methods and practises. The course consists of two half-day workshops aimed at supporting the individual PhD student in planning the data handling that is inherent to the PhD project. 

    15 – 16 hours of homework drafting a data management plan (DMP) is to be expected between 1st and 2nd workshop. At sign-up, participants will be enrolled in both workshops, and attendance at both are required. 

    Programme workshop #1 - 18 March 2022

    Welcome and introduction to the course LOVE YOUR DATA
    Presentation #1: What is data? Identifying data sets
    Presentation #2: Data types, platformsstakeholders, good data practices
    Presentation #3: FAIR principles (making data that is Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable), data viewed in the light of FAIR, data flow methods
    Presentation/exercises: Planning and drawing up a DMP, templates for DMPs
    Exercise and groupwork: Planning and drawing up a DMP

    Programme workshop #2 - 1 April 2022

    Welcome and status on homework wrt. participants DMPs
    Presentation #4: Recap from workshop #1archivingopen data
    Exercise and groupwork - theme #1
    Exercise and groupwork - theme #2
    Exercise and work in plenum - theme #3
    Closing, including the option of individual follow up arrangements 

    Litterature (optional):
    A FAIRytale - a fun introduction to the FAIR principles (30 minutes read) doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.2248200

    Karsten Kryger Hansen, CLAAUDIA (www.claaudia.aau.dk)


    Karsten Kryger Hansen
    Diba Terese Markus
    Carina Ollerup Christensen



    Workshop #1: 18 March 2022 09:00-12:00
    Workshop #2: 1 April 09:00-12:00


    Number of seats: 

    15 February 2022

    Important information concerning PhD courses:
    We have over some time experienced problems with no-show for both project and general courses. It has now reached a point where we are forced to take action. Therefore, the Doctoral School has decided to introduce a no-show fee of DKK 3.000 for each course where the student does not show up. Cancellations are accepted no later than 2 weeks before start of the course. Registered illness is of course an acceptable reason for not showing up on those days. Furthermore, all courses open for registration approximately four months before start. This can hopefully also provide new students a chance to register for courses during the year. 
    We look forward to your registrations.