Virtually all physical systems are nonlinear in nature. Sometimes, however, it is possible to describe the operation of a physical system by a linear model which varies with respect to some parameters. In this course we introduce methods for describing, analyzing and controlling such systems by means of the theory of linear parameter varying (LPV) systems. LPV system theory has proven to be very successful in real world application in cases where linear system theory is insufficient. This is due to the fact that the methods for verifying stability and designing control with LPV models are numerically tractable as it is based on linear matrix inequalities LMIs.    

The goal of the course is to introduce fundamental concepts from the theory of linear parameter varying systems. In particular, we address the following subjects linear matrix inequalities (LMIs), descriptor LPV form, polytopic LPV form, Linear Fractional Representation, stability of LPV systems,  performance analysis of LPV systems, and control of LPV Systems. If time permits, we will also discuss system identification and model reduction of LPV systems and basic system-theoretic properties such as minimality, controllability, observability. 

Organizer: Associate Professor John Leth

Lecturers: Associate Professor John Leth and Mihaly Petreczky, CNRS, Ecole Centrale Lille, research group CIRStAL

ECTS: 2.0

Time: November 7 - 11, 2022

Place: TBA

Number of seats: 50

Deadline: October 17, 2022

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