Welcome to the Winter School on Psychoacoustics, which is organised within the EU Marie S. Curie SOUNDS project:

The Winter School will cover topics such as basic and advanced psychoacoustics, hearing impairment, computational auditory models, sound quality evaluation, speech intelligibility, and listening effort. 

There will be a mix of lectures, exercises, and lab demos, and prior to the course you are expected to have spend some time studying the suggested literature. 

The Winter school will be in a hybrid format. In particular, all lectures, exercises and demos will take place physically at Aalborg University. In addition, it will be possible to attend the lectures online via Zoom. The lab demos will not be accessible online. 

A quick overview of the course and a detailed plan can be found in the PDF file below. A list of the suggested reading material can also be found below

Pia Nancy Porysek Moreta, AAU and B&O, Professor Jan ÿstergaard, AAU, Professor Søren Bech, AAU and B&O, and Professor Jesper Jensen, AAU and Oticon.

Contact information:

Assoc. Prof. Christian Sejer Pedersen, Aalborg University.
Prof. Steven van de Par, University of Oldenburg.
Prof. Dorte Hammersh¯i, Aalborg University.
Assoc. Prof. Sarah Verhulst, Ghent University.
Dr. Anna Warzybok, University of Oldenburg.
Dr. Neo Kaplanis, B&O.
Dr. Martin Bo M¯ller, B&O.
Dr. Michael Syskind Pedersen, Oticon.
Juan Gil, Aalborg University.
Prof. Tapio Lokki, Aalto University.
Dr. Dorothea Wendt, Oticon and Technical University of Denmark.
Assist. Prof. Carina Graversen, Aalborg University.

ECTS: 3.0

Time: December 6-10, 2021

Place: Seminar Room FRB 7A4-106., Fredrik Bajers Vej 7, Aalborg University, 9220 Aalborg.

Number of seats: 95

Deadline: November 29, 2021

Covid-19 regulations:
We highly encourage all participants and lecturers to check their local embassy for an update on the latest travel restrictions in relation to travelling to Denmark from your country. 
The rules and regulations for entering Denmark can be found here:
For participants and lecturers who are physically attending the classes, it is required that you have a valid corona certificate, e.g., proof of being fully vaccinated or have recently been tested negative for COVID-19.  The seminar room is large enough so that it will be possible for the participants to keep a social distance of least 1m from one another. Please bring face masks, as it is mandatory to wear these in public transportation, super markets, etc.