This PhD course is based on the textbook by H. B. Callen: “Thermodynamics and an Introduction to Thermostatistics”. It covers fundamental thermodynamic concepts such as the general principles of classical thermodynamics. Teaching will be conducted on the blackboard. The following chapters will be covered in detail:  

·     Chapter 1: The problem and postulates  

·     Chapter 2: Conditions of equilibrium  

·     Chapter 3: Some formal relationships and sample systems  

·     Chapter 4: Reversible processes and the maximum work theorem  

·     Chapter 5: Alternative formulations and Legendre Transformations  

·     Chapter 6: The extremum principle in the Legendre transformed representations 

·     Chapter 7: Maxwell relations  

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge in thermodynamics and mathematical skills including partial derivatives, Taylors expansion, and differentials.  

: The students will be evaluated based on a Quiz in Moodle.  

 H. B. Callen: Thermodynamics and an Introduction to Thermostatistics, 2nd edition.  

Associate Professor Torsten Berning, 

Associate Professor Torsten Berning, AAU Energy 


16-18 March 2022

AAU Energy, Aalborg

Number of seats: 

23 February 2022

Important information concerning PhD courses:
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