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    Ethnographic research has become increasingly popular in health care sciences. This course provides a solid methodological foundation for using ethnographic research to understand real-world issues in context. Attention will be paid to how ethnographic strategies can be deployed in health care contexts, as a way of illustrating the more general principles of ethnographic work.

    Over four days, this course will cover core components of the ethnographic approach such as data gathering in fieldwork (participant observation, interview, field notes and documents), data analysis, ethical issues and writing articles based on ethnography. The course will provide students with an understanding of how to design and carry out ethnographic research and an awareness of contemporary developments in the theory and practice of ethnographic studies.

    The course is designed for participants and lecturers to engage in different activities such as lectures, practical exercises and discussions of some of the theoretical, methodological and practical issues and challenges in using ethnography. Each participant will give a short presentation of his/hers PhD project and receive feedback from lecturers and participants during the course.


    Participants must provide an abstract or a brief description (approx. 1 page) of a specific issue or challenge related to ethnography concerning their study. This should be sent to hht@rn.dk no later than 1 October 2021.

    Organizer: Helle Haslund Thomsen, e-mail: hht@rn.dk  

    Lecturers: Tine Tjørnhøj (TT), Mette Grønkjær (MG), Siri Lygum Voldbjerg (SLV), Britt Laugesen (BL), Kirsten Schultz Petersen (KSP), Helle Haslund Thomsen (HHT)

    ECTS: 3,2

    Time: 3.-6. October 2022, 9-16

    Place: Forskningens Hus, Sdr. Skovvej 15
    3.-5. October in Auditorium A
    6. October in Room 018

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    Deadline: 12 September 2022