Global energy consumption, resource extraction, and greenhouse gas emissions are trending upwards, not downwards. We are far from meeting the goals set forth in the Kyoto Protocol (UNEP 2012). An understanding of rebound effects might be of great use in understanding why policy aiming to curb emissions such as energy efficiency has failed to yield the improvements they seemed to assure.

This workshop aims to better understand macro-level rebound effects. We will dive into some of the core controversies in understanding of macro rebound effects, addressing the importance of interdisciplinary understanding of rebound effects. Thus we will attempt broadening the perspective and more comprehensively investigate why the current environmental and sustainability policies fails, by further discussing the interrelationship between efficiency, energy, and related environmental problems, and the current and dominating growth policy.

Organizer: Associate Professor Søren Løkke, Aalborg University, DCEA (
Lecturers: Associate Professor Søren Løkke (AAU-DCEA), Professor Inge Røpke (AAU-DIST)
ECTS: 3 (with full paper and presentation),1 (with participation and preparation)
Time: August 15th 2013
Place: AAU Copenhagen, A.C. Meyers Vænge 15
Zip code: 2450
City: Copenhagen SV
Number of seats: 25
Deadlines: August 1st: Registration; July 15th: Optional submission of paper (approx. 3000 words)