Welcome to Using Nvivo for Oualitative Analysis 

Description: This course will go in-depth in working with NVivo. From using the program's interface to making use of the many features for qualitative analysis. It will be possible to work with your own data at the course. If you do not have any data to work with a research case with data will be provided.

FOR MORE IN-DEPTH INFORMATION AND REGISTRATION PLEASE USE THE FOLLOWING LINK: https://www.caldiss.aau.dk/workshops/vis-arrangement/using-nvivo-for-qualitative-analysis--phd-course-.cid506726

Organizer: CALDISS

Lecturers: Kristian Gade Kjelmann and associate professor Marie Østergaard Møller.



  • 24/08-2021 09:00-15:30
  • 31/08-2021 09:00-15:30
Place: CALDISS – Fibigerstræde 5, room 37

Zip code: 9220 

City: Aalborg Ø