Welcome to Management of Technology and Innovation

Global, radical, open, hi-tech and business model are just a few of many buzz adjectives used in discussions of innovation for future growth. However, what is innovation? What is technology? How can we organize for and manage innovation successfully? And get beyond “traditional” approaches towards technology and innovation management. These and related questions are at the core of this course.

• Introduction to technology and innovation management
• Innovation
   o Definitions, history, ‘schools’, areas
   o Types of innovation
   o Factors of success, failure and delay
   o Contingency factors in innovation studies
   o The process perspective
   o Innovation capabilities and absorptive capacity
• The organization and management of innovation processes
   o Innovation roles
   o Team and organizational structures
• Technology and innovation strategy
   o Manufacturing strategy, action plans and performance effects
   o R&D strategy, action plans and performance effects
   o Technology strategy – a supportive framework
   o How does technology evolve?  S-curves
   o Technology forecasting and planning – basic concepts and applications, scenario planning, technology road-mapping
• Continuous innovation
   o Continuous innovation – what is it, why do we need it?
   o Strategic, innovation and operational excellence
   o Exploitation – exploration
   o Single loop-double loop learning and related concepts
   o Sustainability and globalization
• Practical and theoretical problems with continuous innovation
   o Dilemmas? Or ‘just’ paradoxes? Dualities perhaps?
   o Concepts helping companies to getting ever nearer continuous       innovation capability: continuous improvement, concurrent engineering, agile manufacturing, mini-companies, lead factories …
• Recent developments
   o User-driven innovation
   o Open innovation
   o Network-based innovation
   o Business model innovation
   o Entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship

Professor Harry Boer (hboer@business.aau.dk)

Professor Harry Boer (AAU), Dr. Astrid Heidemann-Lassen (AAU), Dr. Yariv Taran (AAU)


February-March 2013

Aalborg University

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February 26, 2013