• Description: 

      The course deals with important aspects of teaching and supervision such as planning, structuring, organizing and communicating.

      During the course we will answer the following questions:

      • How can we structure our lectures and supervision?
      • How can we organize students’ learning processes according to goals?
      • Which models can help us in our planning?
      • Which techniques can support communication in discussions and dialogues?

      The participants will be introduced to basic concepts of learning and pedagogical ideas, and during the course we will relate to the participants’ daily life of teaching and supervision.

      PLEASE FIND MORE INFORMATION AND SIGN UP THROUGH THE FOLLOWING LINK: https://aau.plan2learn.dk/KursusValg.aspx?id=59185

    • Organizer: AAU Learning Lab/Plan2learn

    • Lecturers: AAU Learning Lab/Plan2learn

    • ECTS: 2

    • Time:  March, April, September and October (See abovementioned link)

    • Place: Aalborg Campus and Copenhagen Campus (See abovementioned link)

    • Number of seats: (See abovementioned link)

    • Deadline: (See abovementioned link)