April 18-24: Music Therapy PhD Course (Spring) (2021)

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Description: The goal of the PhD course in Music Therapy research is to train doctoral students with theoretical, tech-nical, methodological and applied clinical research knowledge in the field of music therapy research in a way that assures scientific rigor. The 5 ECTS biannual courses includes a rich mixture of course work and aim to cover the following topics of learning: a) Reflexive methodology including data administration and data analysis, b) Objectivistic methodology including data administration and statistical analysis, c) Research ethics and reflexivity, d) Theory of science, and e) Academic writing and dissemination. 

The course is announced at the programme website: www.mt-phd.aau.dk. 
The following information will be accessible online prior to the course. 

  • Book of abstracts and one page summaries
  • Detailed programme
  • Programme schedule
An archive of PhD courses is listed on the website: http://www.mt-phd.aau.dk/eventlist/phd_courses/


Lecturers: Hanne Mette Ridder, Stine Lindahl Jacobsen, Niels Hannibal, Bolette Daniels Beck, Charlotte Lindvang, Ulla Holck, Gustavo Gattino and invited external lectures. 


Time: 17-24 April 2021

Place: Aalborg Universitet, Musikkens Hus

Zip code: 

City: Aalborg

Number of seats: 15

Deadline: 26 March 2021