• Description:

    This course will provide the participants with hands-on experience in creating and handling data from questionnaires, registers and other sources, and to document the data management process and analyses using the principles of an audit trail.

    This is in accordance with the Code of Conduct/UVVU recommendations and with the Danish Data Protection Agency regulations.

    The course provides an overview of the audit trail and hands on experience in creating a dataset ready for statistical analyses with the accompanying documentation including labelling, double entry, error corrections, data modification and analyses producing tables and figures in a way, that is reproducible.

    We will use REDCap, for those not having access to that, EpiData will be a secondary possibility. SurveyXact can also be used for producing survey data in accordance with the principles laid out.

    Regardless of the software used for statistical analyses (for instance SPSS, STATA, SAS or R) participants will learn how to document the analyses in command files. It is recommended that participants have knowledge on their statistical program in order to gain most from this.

    Participants work on data documentation of own or provided data between the two lessons.

    Before the course a questionnaire about the use of and experience with various statistical software will be distributed.

    Literature: Provided book and regulations.

    Evaluation: Active participation and created data documentation.

  • Organizer: Associate Professor Henrik Bøggild, e-mail: boggild@hst.aau.dk

  • Lecturers: Associate Professor Henrik Bøggild, Public Health and Epidemiology Group, Health Science and Technology, Aalborg University

  • ECTS: 1,5

  • Time: 17 and 24 September 2021

  • Place: Auditorium B, Forskningens Hus, Sdr. Skovvej 15

  • Zip code: 9000

  • City: Aalborg

  • Number of seats: 30

  • Deadline: 27 August 2021

Important information concerning PhD courses: We have over some time experienced problems with no-show for both project and general courses. It has now reached a point where we are forced to take action. Therefore, the Doctoral School has decided to introduce a no-show fee of DKK 3.000 for each course where the student does not show up. Cancellations are accepted no later than 2 weeks before start of the course. Registered illness is of course an acceptable reason for not showing up on those days. Furthermore, all courses open for registration approximately four months before start. This can hopefully also provide new students a chance to register for courses during the year. We look forward to your registrations.