This workshop addresses both experienced and novice supervisors at the Faculty of Engineering and Science, with the aim of sharing experiences and new knowledge for advancing the practice of PhD supervision.

PhD supervision is one of the important tasks that university staff engages in. More often than not becoming a competent PhD supervisor is left to individual experience and trial and error. Given the centrality of PhD studies to the core production of knowledge in the university, it is of most relevance to present information, discuss the use of tools, and share experiences that can help strengthening supervision processes.

This workshop is designed with the intention of:

1. Providing information about the frame for PhD studies in Denmark and at the Faculty of Engineering and Science.
2. Making available a series of tools to steer the PhD supervision process towards a successful completion of studies.
3. Presenting and discussing issues that supervisors meet and ways of dealing with those issues, in different disciplinary areas of the Faculty.

The workshop is designed in one intensive session. It brings a variety of activities such as lectures, case discussion, and panel discussion. It is expected that participants are currently supervising students, and that some time is invested in doing a limited number of readings before the seminar. Since the workshop is very intensive and we cannot waste time, we count on people putting their attention on the issue before arriving to the session.

Professor Paola Valero, email:

Professor Lise Busk Kofoed, Professor Anette Kolmos, Professor Paola Valero, Professor Jes Vollertsen


15 November, 2013

Aalborg University

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October 25, 2013