Welcome to Automated Planning Tools for Intelligent Decision Making (2021)

Description: Planning deals with intelligent decision making to decide which actions to perform and how to schedule them during execution. This includes a broad class of problems that has all kinds of applications in different fields. Some examples include scheduling jobs in factory control, finding sequences of chemistry reactions, discourse planning in natural language generation, finding weaknesses in network security, etc. Despite these applications look completely different from each other, they can be solved with general planning tools that anyone can apply to their own problems. 

This course introduces several planning tools to a broad audience so that in the future experts on different areas can apply them in their own field of expertise. We cover three different perspectives: AI planning, model checking, and operational research. 

Students will learn the basics of how each area models planning problems. There will be hands-on sessions where students will familiarize themselves with the tools and will apply them to solve some exercises, possibly related to their own areas.

Organizer:  Associate Professor Alvaro Torralba - alto@cs.aau.dk

Lecturers: Assistant Professor Peter Gjøl Jensen - pgj@cs.aau.dk, Professor Kim Guldstrand Larsen - kgl@cs.aau.dk, Assistant Professor Inkyung Sung - inkyung_sung@mp.aau.dk, Associate Professor Alvaro Torralba - alto@cs.aau.dk, Peter Nielsen 

ECTS: 3.0

Time: April 27, 29 and May 4, 6, 11 and 20. 

Place: Aalborg University

Zip code: 

City: Aalborg

Number of seats: 50 - There are still available seats. Send a mail to chvass@adm.aau.dk if you wish to be enrolled.

Deadline: 06 April 2021

Important information concerning PhD courses: We have over some time experienced problems with no-show for both project and general courses. It has now reached a point where we are forced to take action. Therefore, the Doctoral School has decided to introduce a no-show fee of DKK 3.000 for each course where the student does not show up. Cancellations are accepted no later than 2 weeks before start of the course. Registered illness is of course an acceptable reason for not showing up on those days. Furthermore, all courses open for registration approximately four months before start. This can hopefully also provide new students a chance to register for courses during the year. We look forward to your registrations.