Nowadays, the construction of new high voltage overhead lines causes more and more public resistance. Increase in population over the years will lead to larger energy demand. As a consequence, extension of existing power systems is unavoidable in order to guarantee robust and reliable power supply. In recent years, several of the world's transmission utilities are studying the possibility for application of EHV AC cable lines in their power grids instead of overhead lines. In Denmark for instance, the government has decided to exchange the entire 132 kV and 150 kV transmission system with all cable network before the end of 2030. This calls for a special cable component and cable system knowledge for future transmission systems.
The course purpose is to contribute to the attainment of knowledge about underground and submarine power cables; cable fundamentals, cable modeling, different phenomena in cable systems and cable system planning. The student should learn how to study cable systems, recognize different cable problems and how to compensate for capacitive power. The goal of this PhD course is to give the student a fundamental knowledge about the cable as a component and the interaction and differences of cables and overhead lines. Furthermore the mathematical knowledge about transmission lines and about cable modeling will be discussed and used for several real study cases.

Professor Claus Leth Bak, mail:, Aalborg University.

Unnur Stella Gudmundsdottir,


18-20 November 2013

Aalborg University, Pontoppidanstræde 101, room 23

Zip code:

Aalborg East

Number of seats:

31 October 2013

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