With the successful development of many high level professional electrical machine design tools, electrical machine design appears to be as simple as setting several parameters and then clicking the ‘run’ bottom. Professional Finite Element (FE) design tools give the users a good interface for an easy design improvement. But a good understanding of the electromagnetic phenomenon inside an electrical machine and the advantages and disadvantages come with different design choices will always be a benefit. This leads efficiently to an improved design and hopefully, it will open doors to new and better electrical machine structures for different applications.
In this course, many analytical approaches will be used for analysing some ‘difficult’ topics in electrical machine design. For example, slot harmonic analysis, harmonic leakage inductance calculation, and torque ripple prediction, etc. FE models will be used to ‘visualize’ and validate the analytical analysis of various topics related to electrical machine design.
It is required that the participants know well about the electromagnetic field theory, and have good working experience with different types of electrical machines.

Associate Prof., Kaiyuan Lu,

Associate Prof., Kaiyuan Lu


14-15 November 2013

Aalborg University, Pontoppidanstræde 101, room 23

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31 October 2013

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