Welcome to Tribodynamics

The focus of this course is on the relationship between motion and friction. The motion of surfaces can vary in complexity, from simple steady sliding to movements that are highly variable in time and direction. Tribology is the study of such surfaces in relative motion and the performance of any tribological interface is directly related to friction. Depending on the desired outcome, the optimal friction may be either maximum or minimum. Tribology enables motion, and system designs rely on a proper understanding of the tribodynamics. This course provides the fundamentals of continuum tribodynamics modelling and simulation. In addition, novel non-invasive experimental techniques are introduced.

Day 1: Lecturer: Per Johansen Hours: 8
- Fundamentals of friction
- Reynolds lubrication theory
- Thermohydrodynamic lubrication

Day 2:  Lecturer: Per Johansen Hours: 8
  • Elastohydrodynamics
  • Thermo-Elastohydrodynamics
  • Contact models and rough surfaces 

Day 3: Lecturer: Per Johansen Hours: 8
  • Computational tribodynamics
  • Multibody systems with imperfect joints 

Day 4: Lecturer: Per Johansen Hours: 8
  • Ultrasound reflectometry in tribology
  • Adaptive ultrasound reflectometry
  • The vision of smart tribology systems

Prerequisites:Fundamentals of fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, solid mechanics and multibody dynamics

Form of evaluation: Mini-project

Organizer: Per Johansen

Lecturers: Per Johansen


Time: 7-10 December 2020
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Zip code: 9220 

City: Aalborg East

Number of seats: 30

Deadline: 16 November 2020

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