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Grid-connected converters have commonly been used with renewable power generations, flexible ac/dc power transmission systems, regenerative drives, etc. As the increasing use of converters in electrical grids, the dynamic modeling and control of converters become critical for building a stable power-electronic-based power system. This course thus devotes to provide a design-oriented analysis on the control dynamics of grid-connected converters, covering the fundamental and state-of-the-art of modeling, stability analysis and control topics, including:
 Vector current control
 Complex-valued frequency-domain modeling
 Impedance-based stability analysis
 Grid synchronization control and its stability impact
 DC-link and ac-bus voltage control
 Robust damping control techniques

Day 1: Vector Current Control, Prof. Xiongfei Wang (3 hours), Prof. Lennart Harnefors (3 hours)
- Space vectors and coordinate transformation
- Small-signal modeling of converter power stage
- Design of vector current controller and its anti-windup
- Influences of time delay and LCL-filter resonance
- Harmonic current control and practical design

Day 2: Grid Synchronization and Power Control, Prof. Lennart Harnefors (3 hours), Prof. Xiongfei Wang (3 hours)
- Phase-Locked Loop (PLL): small-signal modeling and parameter tuning
- Influence of PLL on grid-converter interactions
- Impedance-based modeling and stability analysis
- Stability of DC-link Voltage Control (DVC)
- Stability of AC-bus Voltage Control (AVC)

Day 3: Robust Damping Control, Prof. Xiongfei Wang (3 hours), Prof. Lennart Harnefors (3 hours)
- Virtual impedance control
- Passivity-based current control
- Power-synchronization control
- Step-by-step design cases

Prior knowledge of three-phase systems, power electronics fundamentals, feedback control theory are preferred.

Form of evaluation:
Exercises and report

Organizer: Professor Xiongfei Wang

Lecturers: Prof. Lennart Harnefors, ABB Corporate Research/KTH, Sweden, Prof. Xiongfei Wang, Aalborg University, Denmark.


Time: 27 - 29 May, 2020


Zip code: 


Number of seats: 60

Deadline: 6 May 2020

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