Over the last decades, involvement of the public in research has attracted increasing political and scientific interest in especially the Anglo-Saxion countries. In England, for instance, it is argued at a political and policy level, that Public involvement in research is founded on the core principle that people who are affected by research have a right to have a say in what and how research is undertaken.

In Denmark, patients have a high degree of willingness to participate in clinical trials and studies of user perspectives on care, but involvement of patients in research is yet at an early state. An increasing attention from both health researchers and research foundations is however seen, and along with this, many questions related to the potentials but also challenges related to this approach has arisen.

This workshop will explore the evidence suggesting that patient involvement has potential to enhance the quality and appropriateness of research and open for discussions of when, where and why patient involvement in research has its benefits and limitations. It will allow researcher to exchange opinions, ideas and experiences with patient involvement and provide specific methods and suggestions on how to get started, including the development of patient-focused research objectives, development of patient-relevant research questions, development of patient-friendly information, questionnaires and interview schedules, appropriate recruitment strategies and involvement of patients in the interpretation of data and dissemination of study results.



This workshop will bring together senior and junior researchers in different research fields – quantitative as well as qualitative - with a shared interest for patient participation in research to discuss the potentials, challenges and experiences related to designing and conducting research inspired by or based on this approach.






Selected international, scientific papers as well as book chapters



Active participation and poster presentation

Organizer: Associate professor Charlotte Overgaard; e-mail: in cooperation with associate professor Kirsten Schultz Petersen, and associate professor Anna Maria Balling Høstgaard

Lecturers: International experts (plenum lectures). Researchers with experiences from studies including various levels of patient participations in research (parallel sessions)

ECTS: 1,6

Time: 7th-8th October 2019

Place: Rendsburggade 14, room 1/4.219 (Create, Aalborg University)

Zip code:


Number of seats: 30


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