The sequencing of DNA has developed dramatically in the last decade. The focus is shifting from just obtained genome sequences of eukaryotes and prokaryotes at a very high cost to more hypothesis driven approaches, where specific questions have been formulated beforehand, and the determination of the underlying genome sequence is merely a stepping stone to reach the research objectives. Frequently, this requires more advanced use of DNA sequencing such as transcriptome analyses (mRNASeq and DeepSAGE), chromatin modifications (e.g. bisulfite sequencing) or rapid identification of QTLs, eQTLs or other genetic association by low coverage genomic sequencing of populations.
In this course we will present both basic current sequencing technology and advanced applications. The format will be lectures where some extra attention will be given to basic technology, but where a coherent biological story is also presented to demonstrate how technology developments are implemented to benefit research. Topics will at least include: basic sequencing technology and methods; sequencing genomes and transcriptomes of prokaryotes in pure culture or from complex bacterial systems; genome sequence, assembly, annotation, transcriptome analysis and experimental validation of the potato genome sequence; DNA sequencing to reveal genetic association to phenotypical traits.

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December 9-12, 2013


Aalborg University

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November 25, 2013

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