Welcome to Stability and Control of Grid-Forming Power Electronics Systems


Due to the rapid expansion of the renewable power generations, more unpredictable power is injected into the power grids through power electronics converters, which poses a great challenge to the safe operation of the modern power systems. Grid-connected converters are increasingly required to operate as grid-forming units for regulating the system voltage and frequency. The virtual synchronous machine technique makes converters mimic the self-synchronizing mechanism and the inertial response of synchronous machines, which provides a promising way to stabilize future power-electronic-based power systems. This course provides a systematic discussion on the fundamentals and state-of-art of grid forming power electronics systems in transmission and distribution systems. The main topics include:

- Basics of grid-forming power electronics systems
- Virtual synchronous machine control
- Inertia emulation and coordination with energy storage
- Fault ride-through and fault-current Limitation
- Small-signal modeling and stability analysis
- Design-oriented transient stability analysis
- Active damping of power oscillations

Prerequisites: Prior knowledge of power electronics fundamentals, feedback control theory, synchronous machines, and three-phase systems is preferred.

Form of evaluation: Mini-project and report
Link: http://www.et.aau.dk/phd/phd-courses/

Organizer: Associate Professor Xiongfei Wang – Aalborg University

Lecturers: Assistant Professor Dongsheng Yang – Aalborg University, Associate Professor Xiongfei Wang – Aalborg University, Pedro Rodriguez, Loyola University Andalusia, Spain


Time: 2. - 4. April 2019


Zip code:


Number of seats: 56

Deadline: 18. March 2019

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