CANCELLED: sustainable production processes and lean

It is difficult to delevlop production processes that at the same time are socially, healthy and economically viable in the long run. When acchieved, such production processes can be called ‘sustainable’ - sustainable in the sence that products or services are competitive and socially accepted and employees are innovative and healthy also when they get of age. The application of lean can open possibilities for the practical development of sustainable processes. Lean is widely applied in manufacturing industry and getting a growing importance in private and public service industry. Even though the concept is well developed, the practical implementation is difficult for many organisations, and lean has a somewhat tainted reputation among employees as a cause of increased stress. It is at the same time a strong tool for insight into core activities and subsequent proces improvements. Implemented in the right way under the right conditions, lean may thereby function as tool for developing sustainable production processes.

· business and employee interests in sustainable production processes and lean
· enablers and barrierer for implementation of sustainable production and lean
· why is lean still alive a after 25 years
· the lean concept and associated tools
· lean and the health of employees
· the concept of sustainable production
· employee based development of sustainable production processes
· social capital and collaboration as prerequisites for employee participation
· lean as a tool in development sustainable production processes
· analysis of core tasks and processes – the possible impacts on productivity and health
· role of lean and sustainable production processes in students research projects

Learning objectives
· students understand the concept of sustainabel production processes
· students understand the lean concept and the advantages and disadvantages of lean
· students understand how lean can be used in the development of sustainable production processes
· students are able to relate lean and sustainable production processes to their own research projects

Target group
PhD-students working with lean, sustainable production, organisational development, operations management, innovation, human resource management, working environment

Duration and form
Four days with problem based learning. Mix of lectures and students discussion of the role of lean and sustainable production processes in their research projects.

Students are expected to have a basic knowledge of lean and to prepare brief introductions of their research project and it’s relation to course topics.


Dates and venue
19-22 November 2013 at Aalborg University Copenhagen, A. C. Meyers Vænge 15, 2450 Copenhagen SV

Deadline for enrollment 1 October 2013.
List of literature will be uploaded primo October. Participants will be contacted by organiser in order to plan student discussions.

Peter Hasle, professor, CIP AAU Copenhagen, hasle
Ole Henning Sørensen, associate professor, CIP AAU Copenhagen
Anders Paarup Nielsen, associate professor, CIP AAU Copenhagen

External lecturers
Jörgen Winkel, professor, Göteborg University, Sweden

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